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Incident investigation
Quickly evaluate alerts and understand attack details
Triaging a stream of security alerts can wear out even the best analysts, causing them to miss real threats. That’s why Backstory works at the speed of search, returning a full picture of the activity around an alert. Enter a machine or user name and see everything that led up to an alert, and everything after. Pivot, drill down, and zoom out to get the full story, all in a few seconds.

Backstory’s incident investigation capabilities are integrated with VirusTotal, to show not only activity but also context from one of the world’s largest malware intelligence databases. With Backstory, activity that might have taken several hours to complete can be performed in seconds, making your analysts massively more effective.
Threat hunting
Find all evidence of IOCs within your network
Backstory makes threat hunting simple, fast, and powerful. Enter a bad file hash to see every machine or user that has handled it. Enter a suspected bad domain name to see every machine that has communicated with it, as well as any traffic to related IPs or domains. With Backstory, just enter any IOC to instantly see all traces of it within your network.
Malware analysis
Explore a global malware information system
VirusTotal Enterprise enables malware analysis using one of the largest malware intelligence databases in the world. Link and visualize malware relationships between external files, domains and internal assets with Private Graph, or perform YARA and content-based searches for malware samples with VirusTotal Intelligence. Want to stay up to date on the latest threats? Use VirusTotal Hunt to get alerts whenever new malware types are detected.
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