[Infographic] Have your SIEM ... and augment it too

When it comes to security tools, the SIEM is one of the most recognizable names in the solutions arsenal. According to Pulse research, roughly two-thirds of IT decision makers report they are running a SIEM in their environment–and other studies have shown that number considerably rises within enterprises.

But even though SIEM has been a mainstay security technology for close to two decades, many organizations don’t believe they are extracting full value from their deployments. Legacy SIEM implementations have difficulty ingesting the data needed for effective threat detection and investigation due to cost and scale limitations. They also lack effective response capabilities to alerts they generate.

SIEM replacement, however, can often be a prohibitive undertaking–and all organizations are at different stages of their security operations journey. One option is to "augment" their stack with Google's cloud-native Chronicle SIEM, which can help you deliver better security outcomes quickly and affordably.

Beyond the numbers, what can you actually achieve with a Chronicle augmentation? A new infographic helps you visualize three real-life use cases (which we tried to cleverly title):

1) The “Cover All Your Bases” use case

2) The “Hoarding is Rewarding” use case

3) The “Automation Station” use case

Next steps

  • Take a few minutes to browse the infographic (below) or click here to view the PDF.

  • Read our paper on “How Chronicle Can Augment Your SOC Stack,” created for organizations plagued with detection blind spots and response inefficiencies, but which may not quite be ready to rip and replace their legacy SIEM.

  • Download a new Chronicle “Threat Detection, Investigation, and Response” guide, which introduces security operations teams to the distinctions, nuances, and opportunities of the cloud.

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