How Chronicle SIEM can help augment your SOC stack [New paper]

Take a peek at any CISO’s wish list, and you will likely find “tools consolidation” somewhere on it, sparked by a desire to ease resource, complexity and third-party risk challenges that often come with a saturated security stack.

Yet going the “less is more” route isn’t an overnight process. Nor is security operations transformation. Occasionally the case can be made that adding a single security tool, namely Chronicle SIEM, can offer far more value than subtracting one and avoidthe need to commit to complete infrastructure overhaul you may not be ready for.

Introducing a new paper on the value of Chronicle SIEM augmentation. Written by Google Cloud Solutions Consultant Anton Chuvakin and Senior Security Strategist Dave Herrald, it is designed for organizations experiencing detection and response blind spots, including limited visibility into security telemetry, scalability challenges, and inconsistent response capabilities.

Oftentimes these companies are running legacy, volume-based SIEMs ill equipped  to handle the complexity and nuance of today’s data. As a result they are typically:

  • Paying too much to ingest and retain the data required

  • Running the risk of missing a potential cyber threat due to data blindspots resulting from high cost and/or scalability concerns

  • Experiencing slow query and search in existing SIEM, resulting in longer times to investigate threats

  • Lacking security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) capabilities resulting in slow and manual response to threat

While these organizations are aspirational in their SecOps goals, they may not quite be ready to quit their SIEM deployment. As the paper will explain in detail and supported by several use case examples, Chronicle can help augment your existing security operations stack, including legacy SIEM, to drive additional efficiencies and visibility, all at a disruptive price point.

Download your copy today and let us know what you think!

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