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Important tips

  • The preview server is only attached to the "main" branch so if you have Kintaro content that you know should not be launched accidentally or until a specific date/time, work with dev to manually stage on a separate branch.
  • On pages that are editable in Kintaro, you’ll find an “Edit” button under the module menu, which opens the link directly to Kintaro.
  • If you publish a document (or the workspace) and then make a change to a published document, it will revert to draft mode. In order for it to go-live you will need to re-publish it.
  • To delete a published document

    • Go to the Published Content page (you can’t delete it from the regular workspace)
    • Select the document you want to remove
    • Click “Nuke” (screenshot)

Eyeball depicting vision and detection

Insert caption right below the image and it will automatically be formatted as a caption

Eyeball depicting vision and detection

Inserting text as a new paragraph with an additional line break (Enter, then shift + enter) will not create a caption but display text as a normal paragraph.

Managing Kintaro access

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