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Three ways to stay one step ahead in a competitive MSSP market

The MSSP market is fast paced and constantly evolving. According to the recent Kaspersky Global Corporate IT Security Risks Survey, 70% of organizations plan to outsource security to an MSSP or MSP in the next year.

It might seem like a piece of cake for MSSPs to attract new business and keep existing customers, but MSSP market competition is fiercer than ever. With so many organizations planning to outsource security, the market is flooded with new service providers hoping to claim a piece of the business for themselves.

So, how do you attract new customers and keep existing customers coming back for more?

Read on for three ways to leverage the Siemplify (now part of Google Cloud) MSSP SecOps Program, announced Tuesday, to engage customers on a new level while keeping your margins healthy.

1. Differentiate in a competitive MSSP market

It’s not enough to only offer the traditional set of MSSP offerings. To keep your edge, you’ve got to grow to stand out from an increasingly crowded and undifferentiated space. Leverage the functionality and flexibility of Siemplify SOAR to mature your service delivery and develop specialized service offerings that attract the attention of new customers.

  • Create custom, automated process workflows. Build proprietary playbooks that are specific to your customers’ organizations. Automate everything from case enrichment to response without requiring experts on staff to support everything.

  • Operationalize threat intelligence. Leverage SOAR plus an integrated threat intelligence platform (TIP) to mature customers from a detection to a prevention model.

  • Provide a deeper level of security incident response. Coordinate response to a crisis across the customers’ organization. Enable collaboration with stakeholders outside of the security team (legal, PR, senior executives, etc.).

  • Offer flexible delivery models. Seamlessly support any engagement model (self managed, co-managed, fully managed) or level of customer maturity.

2. Improve customer retention

Retaining your customers is paramount. Your services need to evolve in a way that grows with the needs of your customers, keeps them delighted, and coming back for more. Siemplify enables MSSPs to get creative with how they engage and interact with customers, and how they mature with the customer over time.

  • Provide insights into security operations. Automate delivery of full-fledged business intelligence reporting and insights to your customers.

  • Collaborate and share information. Provide customers with 24x7 visibility into status and decision-making, real-time SOC metrics and KPIs that are specific to their needs, and the ability to collaborate with your analysts on any case.

  • Showcase your expertise. Tap into your knowledge to create and offer custom, automated process workflows that cater to your customers’ unique use cases.

  • Craft specialized service offerings. Develop new offerings that align to your customers’ maturity and point in time needs.

3. Maximize operational efficiency and grow margins.

Making the most of your existing resources and investments is critical in growing profits. MSSPs need to fully take advantage of technology, staff and processes—while still producing high quality service offerings. Siemplify provides MSSPs inherent capabilities they can leverage to more effectively service a growing customer base (without exponentially adding staff) and create repeatable and consistent processes and services. 

  • Grow your total addressable market with flexible integrations that work with customers’ existing ecosystems. Leverage pre-built integrations to easily orchestrate hundreds of tools your customers have invested in without overextending your staff.

  • Streamline manual and inconsistent processes. Choreograph and automate standard use case procedures that result in consistent, repeatable processes across the security team to improve response times.

  • Automate common scenarios. Address common day-to-day challenges with ready-to-run use cases, complete with playbooks, simulated alerts, and tutorials.

  • Capitalize on work you’ve already done. Link alerts to established playbooks in your library to make automating processes easy and fast.

The Siemplify MSSP SecOps Program comes on the heels of the new Chronicle MSSP Program, which offers MSSPs around the world the ability to provide scalable, differentiated, and effective detection and response capabilities through the cloud-native SIEM product, Chronicle.

Contact us today to see what the Siemplify MSSP SecOps Program can do for you.

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