Paul Roberts, SecurityLedger March 6, 2019
For Customers, Backstory’s Lure is Data, Economics

That’s where Siemens sees Chronicle’s Backstory – leveraging Google’s infrastructure – playing a role. “What company in the world is best positioned to apply AI and machine learning to ingest these different data streams, tag them, mix them, and begin to identify patterns,” he asked.

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Maria Korlov, Data Center Knowledge March 6, 2019
Can Alphabet's Chronicle Become the Next Big Cybersecurity Vendor?

The company spelled out the competitive market it's intending to take on, which includes the entire on-premises data security market, such as SIEMs, Hadoop, and Elasticsearch, as well as security for all the related infrastructure, including servers, networking, and storage. "We really compete with doing security intelligence on your own to try to stop cyber attacks," Alphabet said.

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Kevin Kelleher, Fortune March 5th, 2019
Alphabet's Cybersecurity Division Unveils Its First Product, a Real-Time Security Management Service

Backstory relies on Google’s vast infrastructure, machine learning and data analytics tools to simplify the task at lower cost, helping companies to more easily filter out the signal of imminent security threats from the noise of false alarms that accompany them.

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Lily Hay Newman, Wired March 4, 2019
An Alphabet Moonshot Wants to Store the Security Industry’s Data

For example, an organization that missed a breach on its network initially will be able to use Backstory to find the origins of the incident and track what played out as a result. Crucially, Backstory customers will also benefit from the discoveries Chronicle makes by looking for patterns and anomalies in the combined data set of all its clients.

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Kate Fazzini, CNBC March 4, 2019
Alphabet launches its first commercial security product from Chronicle, a spin-out of X

...Backstory gives security analysts the ability to parse potential threats from the avalanche of alerts, helping them more quickly pinpoint the real vulnerabilities. In a crowded U.S. market for cybersecurity vendors, there are few existing ways for security teams to knit all of the data from their different products in a unified system.

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Robert McMillan January 23, 2019
Inside Google’s Team Fighting to Keep Your Data Safe From Hackers

...a database of attack code called VirusTotal managed by another arm of Google-parent Alphabet Inc.

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Nick Summers November 30, 2018
Inside Chronicle, Alphabet’s cybersecurity moonshot

What exactly had Chronicle built, and why did it need the moonshot treatment to exist?

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Kate Fazzini August 23, 2018
One of Google's newest sister companies is almost ready to go after the $96 billion cybersecurity industry on a 'planet scale'

"We can work with an average security team and turn them into a great security team..."

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