Caroline Donnelly, Computer Weekly February 23, 2021
BBVA teams up with Google Cloud for IT security strategy revamp

The deal marks BBVA out as the first bank in Europe to deploy Google Cloud’s security analytics platform, Chronicle, which is designed to aid the swift detection of security threats at scale by allowing IT teams to store and analyse all their security in one place.

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Ionut Arghire, SecurityWeek September 24, 2020
Google Launches Enterprise Threat Detection Solution

Taking advantage of a next generation rules engine from Google, Chronicle Detect is expected to boost overall threat detection, delivering improved speed, and a language designed specifically for the detailing of threat behaviors, in addition to new rules and indicators.

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Stephanie Condon, ZDNET September 23, 2020
Google unveils new real-time threat detection tool from Chronicle

The tool is the culmination of Chronicle's efforts to build a rules engine that can handle complex analytic events, flesh out a new threat detection language tuned for modern attacks and take advantage of the security advantages offered by Google's scale.

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Donna Goodison, CRN September 23, 2020
Google Cloud Debuts Chronicle Detect For Threat Detection

Google Cloud today took the wraps off Chronicle Detect, a new threat-detection solution built on its infrastructure to help enterprises move from legacy security tools to a modern system that can quickly identify threats at scale.

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Catherine Knowles, SecurityBrief August 6, 2020
Tanium and Google Cloud bring greater security to distributed IT

Through the integration between Chronicle security analytics and Tanium's unified endpoint security, joint customers have greater capabilities around hunting for threats, accelerating incident response, and reducing costs.  For the first time, security teams can rapidly and proactively hunt threats both live and across an entire year of endpoint activity...

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Patrick Moorhead, Forbes August 6, 2020
Google Advances Its Cloud Security At Google Cloud Next Week 4

…the two companies are launching a new solution that combines Google’s own Chronicle offering (a security analytics platform) with Tanium’s Threat Response platform. According to Google, this joint solution was designed to aid in the detection, investigation and scoping of APTs (long-lived, advanced attacks)…

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DUNCAN RILEY, SiliconANGLE August 4, 2020
Tanium offers new cybersecurity service through partnership with Google Cloud

Through the partnership, Tanium is offering a new service designed to assist enterprises to detect, investigate and scope advanced, long-lived attacks. The service offers integration between Tanium’s Threat Response and Chronicle, Google Cloud’s security analytics platform.

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Dr. Anton Chuvakin, Security Boulevard July 16, 2020
Cyderes CNAP Makes SIEM Modernization a Snap

Think of CNAP as a pre-assembled SaaS SIEM product bundle with a modern core (Chronicle). If you use CNAP, you will get all the Chronicle coolness, but you will also get a long list of “classic” SIEM features and, in fact, some functions of a broader “cyber defense platform.”

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Patrick Moorhead, Forbes July 16, 2020
Google Cloud Goes More Vertical, Adds Security And Trust Capabilities To Its Digital Transformation Toolbox

Google also announced its Tanium and Chronicle partnership. Google acquired Chronicle earlier this year and is partnering with Tanium, a leader in the endpoint security space, to provide a clearer picture of threats in the enterprise.

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CSO Lucian Constantin April 20, 2020
Google enters zero-trust market with BeyondCorp Remote Access offering

Google is launching a commercial zero-trust remote access service that will allow companies to enable their work-from-home employees to access internal web-based applications without the need of virtual private networks (VPNs). "We've been actively working for the past few years to bring a version of BeyondCorp technology, which we pioneered many years ago, to the enterprise," Sunil Potti‎, vice president and general manager for Google Cloud

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Stephanie Condon, ZDNET February 24, 2020
Google Cloud unveils new tools for detecting modern threats

Chronicle, a cybersecurity company hatched from Alphabet's moonshot X unit, was folded into Google Cloud last year. Now, customers using Chronicle's security analytics platform will be able to detect threats using YARA-L, a new rules language built specifically for modern threats and behaviors.

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Google Cloud beefs up Chronicle, reCaptcha Enterprise and Web Risk API hit general availability

Google today shared a bunch of security news at RSA Conference 2020, which kicks off this week in San Francisco. The company’s Google Cloud division introduced threat detection and timeline capabilities in Chronicle. Google Cloud also launched reCaptcha Enterprise and Web Risk API in general availability.

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Brandon Vigliarolo, TechRepublic February 24, 2020
Google reveals new cloud security features at RSA 2020

Google has made a number of security announcements at RSA 2020, including upgrades to its Chronicle Security platform and the general release of its reCAPTCHA Enterprise and Web Risk API tools.  "Cloud security is a top enterprise IT priority as organizations modernize their critical business systems both in-place and in the cloud," Sunil Potti, VP of Google Cloud security

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How Chronicle is fitting into Google Cloud

Google is turning security into a Google Cloud Platform (GCP) business line. Along with that, “Chronicle is essentially becoming a foundation for this business line,”...

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PR Newswire October 16, 2019
BlackBerry Cylance Announces Integration with Chronicle's Backstory

Together, this integration will help security administrators quickly identify and respond to threats detected in their organization's environment by recognizing patterns in threat data and user activity over time.

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Jon Markman, Forbes September 29, 2019
New Cybersecurity Companies Have Their Heads In The Cloud

Chronicle, a Google Cloud cybersecurity business, launched Backstory in March. The cloud service is a lot like Google Photos. Enterprises and organizations dump their data into silos. Then the system structures everything, stores the data in the cloud and compares it to a continuous stream of threats.

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Rob Wright, TechTarget September 5, 2019
Chronicle: Crimeware group takedowns 'increasingly ineffectual'

New research from Chronicle shows that as crimeware has grown over the last five years, law enforcement efforts have become increasingly ineffective -- and in some cases have produced unintended consequences.

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Alex Coop, Channel Daily News August 28, 2019
Chronicle, Google search for your security data, is coming to Canada through Herjavec Group

Herjavec Group is adding a pair of Google security intelligence products its managed security services portfolio, the cybersecurity firm announced…

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Michael Novinson, CRN August 06, 2019
20 Hot New Cybersecurity Products Unleashed At Black Hat Las Vegas 2019

The Tanium-Chronicle Backstory integration empowers customers to use Tanium Threat Response to proactively stream enterprisewide telemetry data directly from endpoints to the Backstory platform.

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Brandon Levene, Dark Reading July 31, 2019
The Attribution Trap: A Waste of Precious Time & Money

Aiming for attribution doesn't help most organizations become more secure. It can actually have the opposite effect.

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Catalin Cimpanu, ZDNET July 2, 2019
US Cyber Command issues alert about hackers exploiting Outlook vulnerability

Chronicle links the malware samples to Iran's APT33 group, which previously developed the infamous Shamoon malware.

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Attackers are Signing Malware with Valid Certificates

Thousands of malware samples uploaded to VirusTotal have been signed with a valid certificates from well-known certificate authorities, said researchers from Chronicle.

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Siemens, Alphabet's Chronicle forge cybersecurity partnership

Under the pact, Siemens will use Chronicle's Backstory platform to provide security visibility across information and operational technology. Chronicle's platform will be combined with Siemens' cybersecurity tools for the energy industry.

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Security researchers discover Linux version of Winnti malware

Discovered by security researchers from Chronicle, Alphabet's cyber-security division, the Linux version of the Winnti malware works as a backdoor on infected hosts, granting attackers access to compromised systems.

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A Mysterious Hacker Group Is On a Supply Chain Hijacking Spree

In those cases and others, the hackers could easily have unleashed unprecedented mayhem, says Silas Cutler, a researcher at Alphabet-owned security startup Chronicle who has tracked the Barium hackers.

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Leak Reveals Iran’s Wildest Hacker Crew Stole 13,000 Passwords From 98 Organizations

Shortly after the leak, researchers from Chronicle, a cybersecurity startup founded by Google owner Alphabet, went through the trove of data.  It found a small handful of targets were based outside the Middle East, …..

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Researchers Uncover New Version of the Infamous Flame Malware

But now researchers at Alphabet’s Chronicle Security say they have discovered what appears to be a new version of Flame that popped up in 2014 and likely remained active until 2016.

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Paul Roberts, SecurityLedger March 6, 2019
For Customers, Backstory’s Lure is Data, Economics

That’s where Siemens sees Chronicle’s Backstory – leveraging Google’s infrastructure – playing a role. “What company in the world is best positioned to apply AI and machine learning to ingest these different data streams, tag them, mix them, and begin to identify patterns,” he asked.

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Maria Korlov, Data Center Knowledge March 6, 2019
Can Alphabet's Chronicle Become the Next Big Cybersecurity Vendor?

The company spelled out the competitive market it's intending to take on, which includes the entire on-premises data security market, such as SIEMs, Hadoop, and Elasticsearch, as well as security for all the related infrastructure, including servers, networking, and storage. "We really compete with doing security intelligence on your own to try to stop cyber attacks," Alphabet said.

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Kevin Kelleher, Fortune March 5th, 2019
Alphabet's Cybersecurity Division Unveils Its First Product, a Real-Time Security Management Service

Backstory relies on Google’s vast infrastructure, machine learning and data analytics tools to simplify the task at lower cost, helping companies to more easily filter out the signal of imminent security threats from the noise of false alarms that accompany them.

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Lily Hay Newman, Wired March 4, 2019
An Alphabet Moonshot Wants to Store the Security Industry’s Data

For example, an organization that missed a breach on its network initially will be able to use Backstory to find the origins of the incident and track what played out as a result. Crucially, Backstory customers will also benefit from the discoveries Chronicle makes by looking for patterns and anomalies in the combined data set of all its clients.

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Kate Fazzini, CNBC March 4, 2019
Alphabet launches its first commercial security product from Chronicle, a spin-out of X

...Backstory gives security analysts the ability to parse potential threats from the avalanche of alerts, helping them more quickly pinpoint the real vulnerabilities. In a crowded U.S. market for cybersecurity vendors, there are few existing ways for security teams to knit all of the data from their different products in a unified system.

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Robert McMillan January 23, 2019
Inside Google’s Team Fighting to Keep Your Data Safe From Hackers

...a database of attack code called VirusTotal managed by another arm of Google-parent Alphabet Inc.

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Nick Summers November 30, 2018
Inside Chronicle, Alphabet’s cybersecurity moonshot

What exactly had Chronicle built, and why did it need the moonshot treatment to exist?

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Kate Fazzini August 23, 2018
One of Google's newest sister companies is almost ready to go after the $96 billion cybersecurity industry on a 'planet scale'

"We can work with an average security team and turn them into a great security team..."

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