Google Cloud Security OEM partner program
Embed Google Cloud Security products, like Chronicle and VirusTotal, into your solutions to grow your business and more easily meet your customers’ most demanding security use cases.
Benefits of our OEM partner program
Building your solution on top of our technology means that you can leverage the power of Google speed and scale while freeing up development resources and accelerating time to market.
Time to value
Enhance your solutions with immediate, rich insight from massive volumes of security telemetry and global threat intelligence data.
Sales growth
Collaborate with Google Cloud Security sales, co-brand your marketing and be in Google Cloud Marketplace and/or VirusTotal’s Integration Portal.
Superior technology
Enable customers to rapidly detect, analyze, prioritize and respond to real threats with technology built to ensure scalability and performance.
Help remove your customers’ security blind spots with Chronicle
Purpose-built on core Google infrastructure, Chronicle can continuously ingest massive amounts of telemetry data, normalize it, index it, correlate it to known threats, and make it available for analysis in seconds. The Google Cloud Security OEM program allows partners to take advantage of the speed, scalability and analytics of the Chronicle platform, along with its many APIs and 100s of pre-built parsers, when building an XDR platform, storing and analyzing large amounts of security data or meeting the need to normalize multiple types of log data.
Equip your customers with superior threat insight from VirusTotal
Utilizing VirusTotal Augment OEM licensing enables your solution to compliantly display and analyze, from within your console, real-time data from the world’s largest repository of global contextual threat intelligence with over 3 billion malware profiles and over a million new contributions provided daily.
Let’s work together
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