We see things others can't.
Uppercase is a unique threat research team that enriches the Backstory platform with global-scale threat intelligence.
Complex attacks are our specialty.
Our team of threat experts hails from leading cloud and security organizations such as Palo Alto Networks, Crowdstrike, the U.S. Department of Defense, Kaspersky Labs, and Google. With decades of cumulative experience investigating malicious campaigns and deep-diving into malware, our researchers leverage a variety of novel tools and techniques to detect emerging threats and give Chronicle’s customers a pleasantly unfair advantage.
We built threat signals right into our products to protect you better.
There’s no statute of limitations when it comes to ensuring the integrity of your enterprise. That’s why Uppercase combines research not just on current trends and emerging threat indicators, but also past and existing infections that may have gone unnoticed. Together, latent infections and emergent risks are laid bare for your security teams, all in one place—directly within the Backstory platform.
Our tools empower you to defend yourself.
Uppercase blends security research with deep software engineering, leveraging truly big data to quickly detect, triage, and evaluate behaviors in the past, present, and future. As the ever-growing, collaboratively-built foundation of the Backstory platform, Uppercase continuously enriches your security to Give Good the Advantage.
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