Intelligent identification.
Chronicle puts the pieces together, automatically.
Chronicle automatically makes the connections between user and machine identity information that would normally take a skilled analyst hours to complete. This intelligent graph helps you see the whole picture, making it easy to see how an attack unfolded—and how to prevent the next one.
See everything.
Chronicle is designed to collect all telemetry related to security and network activity in your organization. If an incident occurs, having all information related to the users and machines involved can mean the difference between effective response and a recurring attack.
Connect the dots.
Chronicle telemetry processing automatically connects related pieces of activity data into a single data structure. Network packets identified with an IP address connect to email logs with an email address to file transfers from a MAC address. Chronicle understands how to link these different pieces to a single asset or user.
Get the whole picture.
When an analyst receives an alert for a machine or person, Chronicle can instantly display every bit of related activity—no need to search through different log systems at different times to try to connect activity to an employee's actions. This unified identity graph, enhanced by our anomaly detection analytics, makes it easy to understand unusual activity and to present it to incident responders.
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