Security analytics at the speed of search.
Ingest, index, correlate, and use new telemetry, in seconds.
Purpose-built on core Google infrastructure, Chronicle can ingest massive amounts of telemetry data, normalize it, index it, correlate it to known threats, and make it available for analysis in seconds.This unheard-of speed, combined with Chronicle’s UI responsiveness, transforms the incident investigation and threat hunting experience, allowing analysts to complete in seconds tasks that might take hours with other solutions.
Secure, high-speed telemetry ingestion.
Chronicle makes it easy to upload your security telemetry quickly and securely. Forward your data from any syslog source, existing log aggregator, SIEM, or by packet capture to the Chronicle platform, where you can start analyzing it immediately.
Instant indexing and correlation.
Once you upload your telemetry data, it’s normalized, indexed and correlated against existing incidents, in a matter of seconds. Whenever a user accesses a domain via a browser, the DNS data can be forwarded to Chronicle, ingested, normalized, correlated and made available in the GUI in a matter of seconds. As a result, your analysts can always work with the most up-to-date information about activity within your network.
Real-time, responsive UI.
Your Chronicle dashboard helps you understand a huge amount of real-time activity at a glance to help you handle threats quickly, cutting tasks that used to take hours down to seconds. If a domain suddenly becomes classified as malicious, for example, Chronicle will instantly uncover all access to that domain, regardless of whether the matching DNS events occurred 10 days or 10 months ago.
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