Why Chronicle?

Launching from a different perspective


Chronicle was born in 2016 as a project within X, Alphabet’s moonshot factory.

Cybercrime now affects billions of people globally, and the organizations responsible for protecting critical information and systems need more help to keep up. Cybersecurity needed a moonshot.

As an Alphabet company, we bring unique resources and talent to the goal of giving enterprises, and the people within them, the tools to win the fight against cybercrime.


We see a future where enterprise security teams can find and stop cyberattacks before they cause harm. By applying planet-scale computing and analytics to security operations, we provide the tools teams need to secure their networks and their customers’ data. We turn the advantage to the forces of good.


Our culture informs the products we create and the experience our customers receive. Chronicle is built on four values:

  • Honor

    We treat people with respect and dignity.

  • Perseverance

    We work through challenges and lift people up along the way.

  • Humanity

    We listen and understand others’ perspectives.

  • Ingenuity

    We share and celebrate new ideas.

  • Sound like something you believe in?

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Our team

We are experts who’ve designed and run Google’s own internal security infrastructure. We are industry veterans who’ve brought other leading products to market. And we are growing.

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