Extract signals from your security telemetry to find threats instantly.
We live in a digital world, but the current economics of storing and processing enterprise security data have made it not just expensive, but nearly impossible to compete against cybercrime.

But what if the scalability and economics of storing and analyzing your organization's security data were no longer an issue? Chronicle was built on the world’s biggest data platform to bring unmatched capabilities and resources to give good the advantage.
Get unparalleled telemetry storage for one low, fixed price.
Infinitely elastic
Built on core Google infrastructure, Chronicle gives you an infinitely elastic container for storing your enterprise security telemetry.
Fixed pricing
Because we don’t charge based on data volume, you can afford to keep every bit of security data you generate.
Unparalleled storage
In an investigation, access to years of telemetry can mean the difference between clear answers and hoping for the best.
Easy to manage
Chronicle makes it easy to manage a multi-petabyte analytics system. Let us handle the scaling, backup, and performance tuning so you can focus on the bigger picture.
Unique, embedded threat signals help you find issues immediately.
Built-in threat signals
Sourced by Chronicle’s security research team, Google Cloud threat signals are embedded right in the Chronicle platform.
Global data, local results
Uppercase signals are based on a mix of proprietary data sources, public intelligence feeds, and other information.
Smarter over time
Powered by Uppercase, Chronicle spots signals immediately and only gets smarter as you upload more telemetry.
Boost your productivity with strategic automation.
More volume
Even the best analysts struggle to process the sheer volume of security telemetry that a modern enterprise generates. Chronicle can handle petabytes of data, automatically.
Faster answers
Automatic analysis helps your analysts understand suspicious activity in seconds, not hours.
Automatic threat detection
Chronicle’s automated analysis engine correlates intelligence from global sources like VirusTotal with your own network and endpoint activity to find both known and late-breaking threats.
Extract signals from your security telemetry to find threats instantly.
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