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Stronger together
Working with the security community to make everyone more secure.
At Chronicle, we work with many types of partners to help customers protect themselves. Through product integrations and security expertise, together we bring more effective solutions to market.
Technology partners
Chronicle Index Partners offer pre-built forwarding of their security telemetry into the Chronicle platform, giving customers advanced security analytics capabilities that work out of the box. Insight Partners offer unique threat intelligence, embedded into the Chronicle dashboard for increased context during investigations and hunting. This select group of partners includes Avast and Proofpoint. Finally, we work with a set of advanced Integration Partners, such as Carbon Black, to create specific solutions demanded by customers. These joint solutions are sold and supported by joint resellers.
Service providers
Managed Service and Consulting partners help customers design, deploy, and operate modern security solutions. Our services partners may offer industry-specific solutions, or technology-specific solutions, such as those offered by Critical Start MDR Service, Cyderes, eSentire, and Red Canary.
Reseller partners offer not only Chronicle products, but also integrated solutions in tandem with our Technology partners.
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