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Pre-built solutions to improve your security posture
Meet your biggest security challenges head-on with unparalleled speed and intelligence. Chronicle brings out-of-the-box detection, analytics, and response powered by Google so you have a full picture of detections.
Boost productivity with unparalleled intelligence
Threat detection
Easily build detection rules for advanced and complex threats
Chronicle’s detection capabilities are built to turn rich and effective investigations into easily packaged rules for automated detection.
Data sent to Chronicle is enriched with context and a powerful YARA-L rules engine enables analysts to easily build detections that cut down on noise.
Threat hunting and investigation
Evaluate alerts and understand attack details in seconds
Triaging a stream of security alerts can wear out even the best analysts, causing them to miss real threats. Chronicle returns a full picture of the activity around an alert in seconds. Hunt for a domain, URL, file hash, or user name and see everything that led up to an incident, and everything after. Pivot, drill down, and zoom out to get the full story. This is the advantage of building on core Google infrastructure.
Security orchestration, automation, and response
Automate your SOC with playbooks, and respond to threats faster with Siemplify SOAR
Siemplify SOAR enables modern, fast, and effective response to cyber threats by combining playbook automation, case management, and integrated threat intelligence in one cloud-native, intuitive experience.
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