Security Infrastructure on a new scale


Cybercrime has been easier to perpetrate than to fight. Until now.

We are building a cybersecurity intelligence platform that can help organizations better manage and understand their own data. Companies already have volumes of information about what’s happening inside their walls. We’re aiming to unlock its valuable hidden insights by making it faster and easier to analyze data, and to look for patterns across sources and over time. We believe this can provide security teams with greater insights into areas of likely vulnerability, and give them time to protect themselves.


Our technology is built on three concepts:

  • Speed and Scale

    Massive compute and storage offers a way to create more intelligence out of security-related data – quickly and cost-effectively

  • Enhance Human Abilities

    Leverages advanced machine learning capabilities to find patterns in huge volumes of data that aren’t easily spotted by humans

  • Services Not Servers

    Cloud-based services that grow with an organization’s needs and don’t add yet another piece of security software to implement and manage

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