Unmatched scale-out.
Never run out of storage or compute cycles again.
Built on core Google components, Chronicle provides unparalleled storage and computing power with zero management effort. As your data volume grows, managing a large-scale analytics system requires ever-greater amounts of servers, storage, networking, backup—and people to manage it all. Chronicle eliminates those headaches once and for all.
Scalable by design.
Chronicle can scale to 100+ petabytes by design, saving you time and money. With an on-premise analytics system, scaling your data volume means resizing your storage, compute, memory, I/O, and more. But Chronicle, built on an unmatched data infrastructure, auto-scales all of these factors to ensure performance without compromise, regardless of load.
Easy to manage.
Scaling out a large system isn’t worth much if the work overwhelms your IT operations team. Will you need to buy more storage? Another server? Add another data center? Not with Chronicle. Managed by the same experts who built many of the core components that power global search, Chronicle gives you the benefits of massive scale without the management pain. And unlike on-premise analytics systems, a new Chronicle service can be spun up in hours, giving your security team a quick and demonstrable win.
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